What is Homeopathy?

All things in creation consist of energetic patterns, which when understood and applied well, can bring healing.

The right energy pattern can help us return ourselves, to our optimum condition of dynamic harmony. Every plant, animal and mineral, has the potential to become a medicine, when we understand its message.

Homeopathy is the science of observing and understanding these patterns in nature and in people.

The skill is in finding the part of nature whose pattern matches that of the patient at the time of illness or unbalance, and using it as a medicine to help bring the person back to health and stability. This is a subtle energy process which can have profound results. The right remedy, in the right, very small, physically harmless dilution, can show the body’s intelligence how to remove that which is causing distress on all levels, mental, emotional and physical. This is a mysterious process, which modern science is just beginning to understand and prove possible.

Positive Healing.

Donna Mills (Dip. Hom.)

I am what is termed a medical intuitive or empath.

I practice meditative homeopathy. That means using my ability to still my mind and connect with the energy of another person to find out what homeopathic remedy they need. This empathic ability is something I was born with and have honed through a life of meditative work. Over many years of practise, this has proved to be more accurate than choosing a remedy by using my intellect alone.

Using my classical homeopathic training, I combine my meditative findings with a study of the substance used for the remedy.

I then explain the remedy to the recipient and talk about their symptoms in relation to the remedy. This can be the first step in healing; understanding the patterns holding us back from health and happiness. The remedy will do its work anyway through the innate intelligence of the brain-body complex.

The brain is so powerful that when we give it just a little more help with conscious understanding, it runs with the information, sending signals to every part of the body, creating subtle yet major changes. This is becoming evident through modern scientific research. The more consciousness we can bring to the healing process, the more self-awareness, personal growth and power we get from it.

I have a holistic approach to health.

I recommend combining homeopathy with hands on therapies and also the diagnosis and aid of medical doctors. Homeopathy is a powerful stand-alone treatment and can facilitate cure in some situations where allopathic medicine can only alleviate symptoms. In cases where medical treatment is necessary, homeopathy can still work as a powerful yet gentle compliment to it.

Sessions & Services.

Charges: £75 for one hour.

A one hour consultation consists of:

  • We meet and you tell me about your state of body and mind.
  • I work alone to choose a remedy.
  • We talk again and I go through the remedy symptoms with you.

Sometimes there is a benefit in taking more time. Some remedies are rare and need more research from diverse sources. Once I have a picture of the remedy state in relation to your state, the second conversation can bring about many insights and be healing in itself, as we build a deep understanding together. If finances allow and you want to book more time, this can be helpful and facilitate a leap in awareness.

I do half hour sessions for £40 for students and people in hardship. This is a quick session for those in need who really cannot pay the full hourly rate. I am happy to work by Skype or FaceTime.

Many remedies I work with are specific and therefore not always available in local pharmacies.

I recommend you purchase the remedy from Helios Homeopathy pharmacy, two minutes walk from me in Covent Garden. For people at a distance, you can order the remedy to be posted to you. A remedy costs around £6.00 and is not included in the consultation fee.


I have seen and experienced over and over again great help by Donna’s choice of remedies. We have been in contact since many years, and I had the chance to work with Donna directly and via phone, and what is really very profound – the studies that Donna did over decades, giving her the possibility to work world wide as a homeopath.

I am really happy to have the chance to work with Donna on a very intuitive basis that brings conditions to the surface that might be mostly unconscious. I highly can recommend her very effective way of finding the right remedy and helping to go through situations in terms of health and life.

Christine Hug

Healer, Teacher & Publisher

Over the last 10 years I’ve taken several homeopathic remedies that Donna Mills prescribed for me, for various health concerns. Without exception, I found her to be highly intuitive and accurate, even though most of the consultations were by phone. The remedies, complemented by the information given, were very effective.

In one case Donna surprised me by prescribing a remedy for something I hadn’t noticed but was underlying the symptoms I’d described to her. I was most grateful for Donna’s insight as the problem flared up before I got the remedy, just before overseas travel. The remedy quickly brought healing and improved wellbeing.

From years of using homeopathy for my children I have confidence in the power of remedies if the right ones are prescribed and directions are followed. Donna Mills is certainly my practitioner of choice; from experience I have great trust in her abilities, discernment and caring so would strongly recommend her to anyone with health issues.

Through her almost life-long, devoted meditative practice, Donna has, I believe, developed an exceptional talent for healing with homeopathy and I would strongly recommend.

Belinda S. Clark

Teacher & Counsellor (B.A.S.S.)

I have received homeopathic support from Donna Mills for close to 15 years and can attest to her outstanding abilities in deciphering the precise & exact remedy to achieve maximum benefit in any disharmony that I have seen her for. I have consulted Donna for minor physical illnesses such as colds, flu’s & viral infections, where the remedies she has prescribed have hastened my recovery markedly, or if received fast enough prevented an illness from taking hold altogether – symptoms quickly disappearing.

I have received enduring, life changing, results from homeopathic remedies Donna has given me for mental & emotional disharmony from small events up to work stress, loss, & a shattering divorce. I can quite honestly say that Donna has transformed my life through empowering me to face, accept, & heal emotional stress, disharmony, & trauma through her immense care, incomparable intuitive abilities, & commitment to ‘getting it right’. Some of the bigger remedies have been so precisely detailed that I’ve felt I’m reading an intimate portrait of myself. I have been staggered to find that the results of the remedies ‘hold’ & do not need to be ever revisited again. One example that comes to mind is from ‘Horse’ that contained a mention of road rage in its proving (not the reason Donna chose it as it was merely an extra aspect in a long list but something I frequently & uncontrollably was rather spectacular at nevertheless) & truly after I finished the remedy I have never had road rage again. Not even when seriously provoked! It’s just gone.

Donna has also supported me successfully through homeopathy with surgeries (dental, knee), and more entrenched physical conditions like adrenal fatigue. Donna has a rare ability as a true medical intuitive; a gift that she has honed (& continues to) through in-depth study, scrupulous honesty, & profound enthusiasm, over many years. Anyone receiving the benefit of this lifetime of work through the lens of homeopathy can consider themselves fortunate indeed.

Sally Russell

B. Ed

Donna has prescribed several homeopathic remedies for me which have always been uncannily accurate. On an emotional level it’s sometimes difficult to put into words what you are feeling or experiencing and because it’s so personal, it can be hard to articulate. Donna has the ability to pinpoint what’s going on with you, often better than you are able to yourself. She doesn’t insist on talking, but can tune in to your energy very easily. Afterwards I might research what a particular remedy is used for and will find that it is exactly what I need. Her remedies also make me think a lot about my situation, which, in itself, can be a springboard for change. I am very grateful for her help.

Karyn Hay


Just as early tribal shamans discovered they could use their skills in moving between worlds to contact nature and ask for guidance in the healing arts, I believe that Donna also has this skill to work with the awesome powers of nature and understand how nature’s powers are working through her, with the common goal of healing those things most dear to us: our bodies, spirit and emotions. Healing is as much an intuitive art, as it is a learnt art, both of which Donna has acquired after many years of practise and on-going study. On many occasions, she has given myself and my grandchildren homeopathic remedies, which have both visibly and mentally, changed our lives.

Lynn Usmani

Registered Nurse

After years of pain in my elbow from a sport accident I finally turned to Donna for help . She gave me homeopathic globili which within 5 minutes took away the burning pain .l literally felt the pain disinvestment. God only knows how she did it. I am so impressed and grateful to her.

Cameron Tanner

Dance teacher

I am Donna’s 83 year old father and probably her greatest critic. For many years she has contributed to my sense of wellbeing and health with her great ability to diagnose problems and dispense homeopathic remedies. I tend to be somewhat old fashioned in my resistance to many forms of medical help believing in a sound diet and physical exercise. However Donna won me over and her prescriptions have been of on going benefit both physically and mentally.

Les Mills MBE CNZM

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